Robot Technologies

Robot technologies; It is a combination of many engineering branches including Mechanical Engineering, canalisationengorgee Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Robotics and artificial intelligence technologies are among the advanced technology fields. With the developments in the field of ICT, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which are very curious subjects today, have started to take their first place in daily use.

In general terms, the main technology/science fields of robotic technologies can be listed as follows:

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  1. Electronics – Software Technologies

Signal Processing Circuit and Device Technologies
Sensor (Sensor) Technologies
Computing Computing Circuit and Device Technologies
Navigation, Guidance and Control Technologies
Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Technologies

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  1. Mechanics – Mechatronics System Technologies

Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Technologies
Electro Mechanical Actuator Technologies
Miniature System Design and Integration Technologies