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Ethereum mining ends! It’s late but it’s over
The countdown has begun for Ethereum mining. Now graphics card prices can be cheaper! Here
The countdown continues for Ethereum mining. Finally, it was said that an update would come on July 24.

With the London update, the PoS operating system would be enabled on the mainnet. However, this decision was postponed to 4 August at the last moment. When we shot the video, the date of August 4 had not been finalized yet.
mediaplacing That’s why we have shaped our comments according to July 24. Therefore, it will be better if you look at it from this perspective while watching the video. Ethereum returns continue to decline day by day. Investors are very curious about when this decline will end.

However, under the current conditions, it will be a little delayed for Ethereum to rise again. It’s not just Ethereum right now. All cryptocurrencies are in decline. This decline is likely to force investors to abstain. The same can be said for cryptocurrency mining. While money spent on mining cryptocurrencies is increasing, revenues are falling.

As such, people are hesitant to buy new rigs. This situation may continue for a while. Still, we’ll have to wait and see. Ethereum mining ends! It’s late but it’s over red bet tips
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