Czterej Jeźdźcy Apokalipsy

Mówicie, że biegi wirtualne nie niosą emocji? To zobaczcie ten film. Koniecznie z dźwiękiem !!! A jeszcze bardziej koniecznie... udostępnijcie, bo napracowaliśmy się po pachy... Ale duma jest !!! Więcej o wyzwaniu przeczytacie

Opublikowany przez MaratonyPolskie.PL Wtorek, 5 maja 2020

What is

The competition at takes place in cycles where you can earn collections of unique medals. The first of the series is unique and refers to today’s difficult times: it is the biblical series “Riders of the Apocalypse”, consisting of four medals. Hunger, War, Plague and Death – these are four riders who may soon find their homes and hang on the wall 🙂

The first series for warm-up puts an easy task ahead of you: overcome four freely selected distances. It’s the minimum version. In the maximum version, cover four distances: 10 km, half marathon, marathon and any ultramarathon distance! Includes medals, you’ll also get four unique, specially designed sash that is one whole with medals.

But that’s not all! Make a note of the time, place and date of your starts, and this information, along with your name, will be engraved on the back of the coin!

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