How do I participate?

To begin with, we offer you 200 sets of “collectibles”, that is, the possibility to order once the entire collection “Riders of the Apocalypse”. At the price of 198 pln you will receive four medals, each with freely selected tape, engraving service and a commemorative certificate containing your kit number (from one to a two hundred) together with posters describing each of the biblical riders


The first edition of the collector’s version will go on sale.
One hundred copies will be available from 30 April until 22 May.
The sale of individual medals will be available from 8 to 22 May.
After this date, it will no longer be possible to place new orders.


Once you’ve placed your order, you have time to meet your challenges. Will you run four marathons in your favorite park? Or maybe two 10 km runs and two half marathons – each in another municipality to explore the immediate area at the same time? Calmly, you have enough time to complete four runs – we don’t want any injuries! When your medals continue, you can run wherever and whenever you want. Remember, however, to save dates and results achieved! The expected shipping date for the medals is July 2020 – and then we will contact you to determine the final content of the engraving and the address details for their shipment!

How do I register a result?

You can publish your results on the MaratonyPolskie.PL portal. To do this, log in, add your virtual gear to your calendar (specifying date, distance, and city – as the name of the run by typing “Four Apocalypse Riders”) and then save your score. On this basis, a list of participants of the challenge will be created together with the results, mileage mileage and their location. Of course, the results obtained, as in any virtual run, is just an additional element of fun. Registration of the result is not mandatory and the content of the engraving can be determined at the time of their production immediately before shipment. To do this, stay in touch with us