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As in most of Western Europe, the effects of the oceanic climate are observed in Paris. Thanks to these conditions, the city can present different beauties to its guests in all four seasons.

Temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C in summer, rarely drop to minus degrees in winter. In addition, although snowfall is common in winter, accumulation does not occur on the ground. This makes things much easier for those who want to discover the beauties of the city in winter.

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In the period from the end of April to the beginning of November, the city becomes quite suitable for sightseeing in terms of both the air temperatures and the low number of rainy days.

Especially if you travel to Paris in July, you can attend cultural events such as the Paris Music Festival, Rock en Seine, Paris Jazz Festival, and watch the Bastille Day celebrations on site.

In addition, May and July have another importance for travelers who are fond of tennis and road cycling. Because, while the French Open, one of the 4 big events in the tennis calendar, adds a different atmosphere to the city, Paris turns into a carnival place with the final stage of the Tour de France held on July 29.
Accommodation is one of the topics with the most options in the Paris travel guide. Because there are many regions that can answer the question of where to stay in Paris, which is considered one of the most developed cities in Europe. However, before I talk about these regions, I would like to briefly tell you about the city’s unique star system.

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According to the facilities in our country, you can consider the ones in Paris 1 star low. In other words, the 3-star Paris hotels that you will come across while researching for your holiday may be in the same level as the 2-star facilities in our country.

As the star level drops, more economical options appear, but this often means that comfort is sacrificed. Because in most such facilities, the room sizes barely exceed 10-15 square meters.

As for the accommodation areas of Paris, Le Marais and the Louvre are the first options for those who want to stay in the city center. Economic accommodation facilities such as the 2-star Hotel de Roubaix and 3-star Hotel Choiseul Opera operate in these two settlements, which are considered among the most colorful areas of the city.

If you want your accommodation to be at a central point, you can also check out the hotels around the Champs-Elysées. Although the facilities in the region are high in terms of price, you can find suitable opportunities by following the discounts.

While the 3-star facilities such as the 3-star Hotel Terminus Lyon and the Libertel Gare du Nord Suede around Paris’ two major train stations Gare du Nord and Gare du Lyon provide advantages with their proximity to transportation opportunities, if you are interested in cultural activities and colorful nightlife, you can choose the hotels within the borders of the Bastille.

The surroundings of the Eiffel Tower are perfect for those seeking tranquility. The Latin District and Saint Germain des Pres, on the other hand, contain many opportunities that will allow you to get to know the local culture while intertwined with shopping opportunities.

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Hotel Reservation: During my travels, I make my hotel reservation through, the most famous and reliable reservation site on the internet.

You can make your payment at the hotel according to your reservation option, and in case of any disruption, you can cancel your reservation until 24 hours before your stay. If you want to review all Paris hotels on, click here.

Details about accommodation options and hotel suggestions in Paris are waiting for you under the headings I have listed below.Looking for an affordable printer but not sure which model to buy? Don’t worry, in this content we have listed the best printer models for you that you can get without paying too much.

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